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Your night at The Cabin at AHERA includes two separate sleeping spaces.

Here's what to expect.

Ahera Forest Farm-32.jpg

Sleeping Loft

In the top of the cabin, a cozy queen bed is nestled between two nostalgic camping lanterns. Imported linens and mattress toppers promise the most comfortable sleep you've ever had outside of your own bed. Wake up to the beautiful Kigali skyline at your feet- you won't forget that view! Room is equipped with two separate fans.

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Lounge and Bedroom

Our downstairs sleeping area features two twin beds in an L formation, functioning as a comfortable lounge area during the day and a convenient sleeping area at night. The two glass walls fully open to allow the space to flow into the main part of the cabin if you choose, but can also be closed and curtained for maximum privacy. Perfect for putting the kids to bed and enjoying the skyline by the fire. Beds can be reconfigured with advance notice.

Ahera Forest Farm-94.jpg
Ahera Forest Farm-151.jpg


Our well-appointed kitchen features a refrigerator, full-size oven, kettle, french press, toaster, and many kitchen staples.

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Our main area includes an open-air dining and sitting area, under-floor fire pit, rustic plunge pool, food prep area, and hammock.

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