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We know you have questions! 

Here are answers to a few of them...

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I have a question...

Where are you located?  

We are in Nduba, just 20 min outside of Kagugu. We are searchable on Google maps, just search “Ahera Forest Farm” (we are on that campus!) Our proximity to the city makes us ideal for quick escapes.

Is there a restaurant, or food available for purchase?  

Your stay at The Cabin at AHERA is self-catered. However, we provide a well-stocked kitchen with yogurt, bread, fruit, oats, flour, sugar, cocoa, rice, coffee, tea, and many seasonings. We always have free filtered water available as well.  Many guests simply bring pre-prepared food or takeout orders to eat at the Cabin! Should you wish to order food, there is a local resto that does brochettes and chips quite cheaply, though they are pretty slow. We’re happy to help facilitate an order for you if that's an attractive option. Vuba does not deliver.

Can I rent the Cabin and have a party? Or can friends visit me during my stay?

The Cabin sleeps 4, but the max social capacity is 10 people. You are welcome to invite people to enjoy the cabin with you as long as the total number in the cabin does not exceed 10 (including children). Extra guests will pay a day rate (5k for adults, 3k for children). We do ask that you inform us in advance of any guests coming to join you at any time in the Cabin. If the total number of people will exceed 10, we kindly ask that you move the gathering to the gazebo, which will be both more comfortable and safer for a group of that size. We reserve the right to limit guests and conduct based on the needs of the property on any given day, or if we were not informed ahead of time.

What time is check in & check out?

In order to fully clean the cabin and get ready for our next guests, check in time is 4pm and check out time is 12pm. However, we are very willing to stretch this on either side if our schedule allows!

Is my deposit refundable or transferable to another date?

Please refer to Airbnb refund policies for more information.

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